Edd grabs on to a roof of the house it switches to tom and matt saying HURRY THERES NOT MUCH TIME. YOU'VE GOT TO SAVE THE CHILDREN. Edd pulls off a piece of a tree. The TV Turns on and turns on "The Children" TV : This ain't apple juice. Matt and Tom : YAY!!! edwardo comes in the background saying "HEY NICE SATILIGHT" Edd replys EDWARDO in a deep voice Mexican music turns on for the intro for edwardo. Edwardo : How many channels you get on that thing? Edd : A thousand actually. Edwardo : Ha that all this babys nukeular powered! We get channels from SPACE. switches to Jon and others looking curious TV : beep babaa Other : I am so confused.

part 2 coming soon

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