"Paul"/"Powl" is a member of Commander Bai's crew. The only major difference between him and the others is his eyebrow, which is the same eyebrow that is normally seen on Paul, his human doppleganger. Like human Paul, the alien Paul smokes a cigarette. He appears in Space Face and The End.

Paul as an Alien

Paul as appears in part one of Space Face

Part 1

Paul's role in Part 1 was limited to a cameo, walking around the Helm. It's possible he was simply meant to be an easter egg and not appear in any other scenes.

Part 2

In Part 2, Paul had more involvement. He first appears when Matt looks at the Voice Changer. Afterwards, he is seen cheering with the crew, due to the ship being restored.

The End

He is seen on the asteroid with his crew, looking for a ride home.