Patryck (credited as Patryk the Pilot in The Snogre) is a character who makes a few cameos throughout Eddsworld: Legacy's animations. He is voiced by and based on Patryk Dudulewicz (pronounced "dud-doo-leh-vitch"), an Eddsworld Legacy donator.


In The Snogre, he was flying a plane with Paul. The plane crashed.

In Fun Dead, he is seen with Paul as they attempt to stop the zombeh apocalypse.

In part two of The End, he arrives with Paul to pick up an injured Tord after the destruction of his robot.


  • Patryck had a pin that had his name on it perfectly pinned, while Paul's being upside down.
  • The real Patryk has a Newgrounds account and owns a YouTube Channel.
  • Tom, in a tweet, had jokingly stated that Paultryk (the romantic pairing of Paul and Patryck) was canon. Later, whenever a Tumblr post said it was just a joke, Tom replied to it by sarcastically saying "Nah it's canon".
    • The real Dudulewicz eventually called out the fans who supported the pairing in a Tumblr post and told fans to call the character either "PatryCk" or "Pat" instead of Patryk.