This is the page that shows the information given about the main characters in the opening.


" Narrator:Tom! Blue hoodie! Very rude,maybe its his smarts maybe it's the tude! One things for certain,he doesnt make sense,half the time he's Gibberish the other half Ingooglyblech! Tom:What?"


"Narrator:Matt! Green hoodie! Also purple overcoat?! No one likes him as much as himself! He's got a formidable chin,though he doesn't know that word cus he's got the intelligence of the kitchen shelf! Matt:Hey!"


"Edd! Green hoodie! Usually the leader! Probably the first of them all to poke fun! He's the artist!

He loves cola! And he's always try'na make a pun! Probably due to his linguistic......EDD-ucation!

Edd:That's horrible."

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