Edd Gould was a frequent user on Newgrounds and you can view his first few flash videos there.

List of Videos

America Online - An ad for AOL, but with unsatisfactory testimonials.

Apartment in Space - A series about some guys living in an apartment... in space!

Bendee - The series that was Edd's first few videos about a stickman named Bendee.

Catherine's Adventure - A movie made for a girl called Catherine about a girl called Catherine.

Cats Sleep Anywhere - An arthouse movie about a poem written by Eleanor Farjeon.

Come Get Some - An Evil Dead parody of the MC Hammer song "U Can't Touch This".

Conscience - A movie about a guy who has to make a hard decision.

Creative Shadows - Edd creates a man that is ungrateful for it.

Edd - The prequel to Edd Again which is on the Eddsworld Site.

Edd's Legend of Zelda - Edd makes his own Zelda movie.

Edd Egg: Greatest Hits - He was in one of the shorts where he was a goldfish trying to tell Edd Egg that he was underwater.

Eddy Baggypants - A series about a guy who isn't Edd Gould but a different Edd and his friends Stuart and Tom (not Tom from Eddsworld).

Emo - Edd gives Emos a great piece of advice.

Evil Dead - Scotsman - An Evil Dead slideshow to the tune of Scatman John.

The New Matt Doll - Edd tries to advertise a crap Matt doll.

Fighting Fiction - A Xiao Xiao-style beat em up with stickmen.

Mario Madness - A video about a guy who's being stalked by Mario.

Sound of Silence - A music video about a guy haunted by a certain vision.

Rocking Collaboration - A random collab to the tune "I Wanna Rock".

Zombehs - Edd, Tom and Tord are cornered by Zombehs.

Tord says: Whatever! - A Liam Lynch music video about WHATEVER!

This is Halloween - A music video of the song "This is Halloween".

Legendary Frog and Joanime - Edd has something planned for Legendary Frog and uses Joanime as bait.

The Holiday Heist - A poem about Santa in a shitty mood.

Music and Stuff - A music collab of Edd's old videos he didn't put on Newgrounds before.

Sadness Combat - Hank is feeling pretty sad this Madness day.

Shorts to Wear Pants To - A collab about anything.