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This is the transcript for the Eddsworld episode Mirror Mirror.

The characters appear in this order.

(Eddsworld intro comes in backwards. Cuts to hall of  the house, where a sword slashes through the door. Edd enters triumphantly and Tom enters holding a box.)

Tom: Ah! Well Edd, you've had that sword for a whole ten minutes and you've already destroyed the door. (sarcastically) Good job!

Edd: Not all of it! (Ringo comes through the cat flap, mewing happily. While slashing through a can of cola, Matt enters.)

Matt: We should go to the magic store more often! (holds up mirror) I got a mirror!

Edd: Is it magical?

Matt: Who cares? I'm looking gooooooooooooo- 

(Zooms into mirror. On the other side, in a parallel universe, a female Matt called Matilda finishes his sentence.) 

Matilda: -oooooooooooooood!

(female Tom and Edd (Tamara and Ell) enter. They are both hold the exact same things as their male counterparts.)

Tamara: Matilda, please stop saying words for a really long time, it freaks me out.

Ell: Sooo... what's in the box, Tamara?

(zooms into box. Flashback sets to a shop, where a box is sitting on the counter.)

Tamara: Oh hey, free box!

Highsenbird: Yes, but I must warn you... (zooms in) THE BOX CONTAINS A HORRIBLE CURSE!

Tamara: But... it's free, right?

Highsenbird: Well yeah, but it's....

Tamara: Hey guys! Free box!

Ell & Matilda: Yaaaay! (all run out of the store.)

Highsenbird: You're all gonna die. (flashback ends.)

Tamara: Well, I don't know... maybe it's DONUTS! (opens box and horrible, evil sound seeps out. Tamara looks terrified.)

Ell: Was it donuts?

Tamara: No. Nuts. (drops box. Box opens up and huge, evil spirit floats out.)

Spirit: Muahahahaha! Cower in fear as you have opened the cursed box and unleashed the power of... DAZEEM! (lightning strikes.)

Ell: Can I call you Daisy?

Dazeem: Wha- NO!

Tamara: (sniggering) Who gets trapped in a BOX?

Dazeem: Shut up!

Matilda: (holds up box) Do you have any donuts?

Dazeem: Ok, THAT'S IT! (lets out huge lightning bolts. The gang starts to hide from the bolts. First it hits a dartboard, then it hits the sofa where Tamara falls off, and finally destroys a vase, which causes Matilda to cry in despair.)

Matilda: NO! NOT THE VASE! (lobs book at Dazeem. He changes it into confetti.)

Dazeem: Muahahahahaha! (Ell notices her sword on the floor. Picking it up, she declares a plan.)

Ell: Guys! I have an idea! (The two ignore him. Instead, they continue to lob things at Dazeem.

Tamara: Duck! (lobs chair at Dazeem. He turns it into a duck.)

Ell: No, seriously, I- (is interrupted by Matilda)

Matilda: Heads...UP! (lobs bowling ball at Dazeem. He turns it into a female Balloon Head Fred, which floats up into the air.)

Ell: Why don't I just throw the glowing swor- (is interrupted by Tamara)

Tamara: Eat...this! (throws toaster at him. Dazeem turns it into toast then eats it.)

Ell: RRR!! AbracaSTABra! (lobs sword towards Dazeem.)

Dazeem: Oh, no nuts. (disappears as sword cuts through him. Sword continues to fly through house.)

Ell: Matilda! Watch out!

(Matilda picks up mirror. She then turns around as she notices the sword.) Matilda: Huh? (sword flys through mirror, taking us back to the normal universe where the gang are happily eating donuts in their universe's box. Matt still holds his mirror.)

Edd: Aah. (chewing) I'm sure glad there were only donuts in this box and no evil demon ghosts.

Tom: Mmm, hmm. Yeah, I'm glad that oddly specific thing isn't happening as well.

(as Matt shoves box near the mirror, a shining light flashes and a sword comes out, followed by Ell, who steals their box of donuts.)

Ell: Thank you! (pulls sword into the mirror, along with box of donuts.)

(The gang clearly look horrified.) The girls: (from inside the mirror:) Yay! Donuts!

(Matt lets out some frightened whimpers as he drops the mirror on the floor, ending the episode. After the credits roll, a clip showing the real Matt and two other people holding a large cheque for cancer charities benefitted from Eddsworld: Legacy plays.)

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