Matt Sucks was aired in October 2008 at the time of Halloween. This is the third Halloween special and the first eddisode to primarily feature Matt.


Matt goes trick-or-treating while dressed as a rabbit, despite being told that he's too old, and meets a vampire, who bites him, after Matt mentions getting twelve restraining orders.

After becoming a vampire, Matt flies to his house, crushing a bat in the process, and sees Edd, whom he tries to bite. He first walks into a mirror, as he has no reflection. He corrects himself, but Edd stops him right before Matt can bite Edd's neck, telling him "dinner and movie first".

After watching a movie while having dinner and another thwarted attempt, Matt goes to a dimly lit computer room and bites a pile of garlic, believing that it's Tom sitting in front of the computer. When the real Tom sees Matt biting the garlic and reacting horribly, he runs to Edd and tells him that Matt's a vampire. Tom then builds an unstable stake machine gun, which ends up killing them both.

Matt walks in on Edd and Tom's corpses, and gets disappointed by the fact that he didn't get to kill them both. He decides to go outside for a walk, unaware of the fact that vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, and explodes into dust.


  • In the scene where Matt is in Tom's room, a Tomee Bear can be seen on a bookshelf.
  • A framed picture of Edd can be seen when Tom tells Edd that Matt's a vampire.
  • This is the fourth episode in which everyone dies; Edd and Tom get impaled by stakes, and Matt explodes after walking into the sunlight.
  • When Edd is killed by the stake machine gun, a picture of the Axe-Wielding Maniac from the 2007 Halloween Special can be seen.
  • When Tom is killed, a stake is piercing Steve (Tom's hair), which is bleeding. Another stake can be seen embedded in Tom's groin.
  • The bat that Matt crushes on his way to Edd's house can still be seen in the ending scene.
  • Even though the rest of Matt's body explodes in the sunlight, his eyeballs survive and come bouncing down in classic cartoon style.
  • All the deaths in this episode are completely accidental: Edd and Tom are impaled by the Mega Stake Machine Gun (though in Tom's case, it's implied he intentionally impaled himself), and Matt explodes after he walks into direct sunlight.
  • In the Newgrounds version, the episode's music is from Jaws by John Williams, while in the YouTube version, the music is done by Kevin McLeod.
  • If you put the episode name and description together, it says '' Matt Sucks, He really does.'' This is a reference to how Matt is often portrayed as stupid, non-intelligent and often hated by many characters.


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