Matthew Joseph "Matt" Hargreaves (born August 15th, 1989) is the current show runner of Eddsworld and voice actor for Matt. He was close friends with Edd Gould since high school and has been involved with show since the start, as shown in the rough sketch of the series from 2002.

History with Eddsworld

Matt is a voice actor and one of the writers for Eddsworld. He also drew the in-between frames for a few of the episodes, most notably Zanta Claws III. He has his own YouTube channel[1]. As of 2017, he is now one of the comic illustrators, his first known comic being Comic #201: Junk Sale Pt. 1.

After Tom's Departure

After Tom stepped down as showrunner in March 2016, he told fans that Matt, as well as Edd's family, may take over. Edd's mother Sue Gould confirmed that she would be continuing the show.[2] Matt confirmed he would be up for voice acting [3] and said he was not done with the show, "not by a long shot."[4]

On March 16th, 2016, after Part 2 of The End was released, Matt tweeted "Today a chapter of @Eddsworld will end and new one will begin, we're not sure where the future will take us but I hope you'll join us."[5]

Starting from January 2017, Matt became the primary illustrator and writer of the Eddsworld comics.


  • He was one of Edd Gould's oldest friends.
  • Edd and Tom used to make ginger jokes about him. [6]
  • His YouTube channel's name was originally "wallycube", but he changed it to "MattLobster" in order to make a series with that name.
  • He and Tom served as the voice-overs for RIP Edd Gould.
  • There is footage of Matt doing "AGH! Not the face!" in real life.
  • Of the main four characters, he and Edd were the only two to start out as their own voice actors, as Tom and Tord were originally voiced by Alex L'Abbé.
  • Matt came up with the idea for 25ft Under the Seat, but when he told Edd, Edd told him an Atlantis episode would be stupid. He started work on 25ft Under the Seat two weeks later and claimed to have not remembered saying that.
  • On Twitter, he revealed that his original green jacket did not have flaps on the shoulders. He also said he still owns it and it still fits. [7]
  • He is very proud of naming a few Eddisodes and coming up with comic ideas. His claim to fame is naming 25ft Under the Seat. [8]
  • As of July 27th, 2016, Matt Hargreaves is now married, as stated in a Twitter post. [9]
  • Matt is older than Tord by 22 days.


  1. YouTube channel: wallycube
  6. Twitter account: Thomas Hargreaves (hargles)

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