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Matilda is the female counterpart to Matt. She appears in Mirror Mirror as a main character, where she was voiced by Alice Ann Stacey and in The End (Part 2), as cameo.

She appears also in one of Eddsworld Fan Movies, "Best of Both Worlds", again as a main character, where she was voiced by Lucy Coleshill.


Matilda wears a purple hoodie and a green overcoat, like her male counterpart Matt. However, her hoodie and overcoat has short sleeves, instead of long sleeves. She has ginger hair, tied with a purple ribbon. Like Matt, she has a square chin. Underneath her hoodie, she wears a black t-shirt, as well as blue pants and black sneakers with white laces and soles.


Matilda's personality is near identical to Matt's, with a few minor differences. She is shown to care heavily about her things, which is seen after Dazeem broke her vase. She is very vain, just like Matt, and she is shown admiring herself in her mirror many times. She is also a bit of a glutton, which can be seen after she asks Dazeem if he has any donuts, despite him attempting to scare her.

In Best of Both Worlds, she is shown to be extremely ticklish. She is also shown to be very fashionable, as she immediately takes Matt to get a makeover after he arrives in her world. However, this episode is not canonical in the Eddsworld series, so it is unknown if either of these things are true in canon.


  • As Dazeem smashes a nearby vase, Matilda yells "No! Not the vase!" as a reference to Matt in "Space Face" parts 1 and 2 (Part 1 being a flashback/foreshadow of the final moments and in Part 2 yelling "No! Not the face!").
The end Matilda

Matilda's cameo in The End, drawn by Rivas