Markus "Mark" is the neighbour and former antagonist of Edd, Tom and Matt. He is the most minor neighbour.

Physical Appearance

He carries a resemblance to Matt, the difference being, Mark has blond hair and a turtleneck instead of a hoodie. He also has a butt-chin instead of Matt's square one. He does not have a green overcoat either.






  • In Fun Dead Mark appears five times, and is with the Zombehs most the time, but doesn't get transformed into one. This is due to the gang's car splashing blood on him, making him look like a Zombeh.
  • In PowerEdd on Edd's flashback, it was revealed that when Mark was a child, he used to wear glasses and have a square chin like Matt.
  • Mark makes a cameo appearance outside of Eddsworld, in a Crash Zoom comic. He is shown holding a gay pride flag, suggesting that he might be gay.