Marc Lovallo (born March 20th, 1997) is an American web cartoonist, musician, and video game reviewer. He is best known in the Eddsworld community for his series of web comics titled "Eddsworld Guest Comics", as well as being the co-writer and director of The Eddsworld Fan Movie. In July 2011, Marc also wrote the Eddsworld Love Song while Edd Gould was battling cancer.

Marc has made a cameo appearance in the episode Fun Dead as a zombie during the opening credits. He is also the illustrator of Eddsworld Comics 190, 192, and 199. In February 2016, it was confirmed that Marc would also be serving as an animator for The End: Part 2. He also worked with Billy Crinion (an animator on the fan movie) to create a flashback sequence in the style of 25ft Under the Seat for The End: Part 1, and drew the polaroids in the opening credits. In March 2016, Marc composed a new original score for Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007.


  • Marc has proven to be very dedicated to The Eddsworld Movie, as it has been in production for 5 years, and he has no plans to stop.


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