Always tourists... never girl scouts.

–Lucifer, Hello Hellhole

Lucifer, or The Devil (nicknamed Lucy), is a one-time villain who appears in Hello Hellhole.


Lucifer is naturally evil because he is the Lord of Hell. He also hates tourists and wishes he is visited by girl scouts more. When he is alone, he tends to lay back, but in front of people he acts tough and scary.

Visual Appearence

Lucifer is a tall red demon with horns that curve with spiked edges. He also has yellow eyes, pointed ears, two pointy teeth that stick out of his mouth, and clawed feet and hands. Wearing only a black loincloth, Lucifer is shown to be very muscular.

Hello Hellhole

Lucifer has only appeared in Hello Hellhole. He is seen when Edd and the gang walk into the Personal Hell Department. When they approach his desk, the sound of a bottle smashing is heard and Lucifer notices them. He makes a remark about tourists always visiting, not girl scouts. Then he jumps down from his desk and leads the gang to thier personal hells. Afterwards they pass his desk, and yells "Don't forget to visit the Gift Shop!".


  • His name is mentioned in one of Edd's music animations, Tribute

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