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Zombeh Little Tom.

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Little Tom in a crane machine.

Little Tom (Also known as LEEETLE TOM) is Matt's toy monkey-turned-zombeh during the events of Fun Dead, it is currently in Matt's "Novelty Toy Collection"; despite it's name Tom hates it, just like all of Matt's other toys.

After winning Little Tom, the real Tom threw him at a group of zombies, blowing the undead up and, possibly, becoming Zombeh Little Tom in the process. Zombeh Little Tom made a appearance in The End on the shelf.

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Little Tom Amusing Matt.



  • A cymbal playing monkey toy similar to Little Tom can be seen in Zombeh Nation when Matt is looking for a weapon in the Zombie-infested train station. This could be where the idea for Little Tom originated.
  • It's unknown whether Zombeh Little Tom is the one Tom threw at the zombehs, or the one from the "rigged" claw machine in which a zombeh ate.
  • Real Tom throwing Little Tom at a crowd of zombies is a reference to the Monkey Bomb from Call of Duty Zombies, which functions similarly while attracting zombies.