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This is a chronological list of any recorded deaths, permanent or temporary, in Eddsworld. (WARNING: May contain spoilers.)


  • Peter Andre - Accidentally killed by ninjas.

Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004

Zombeh Attack I

Eddsworld Halloween Short

Tord's Adventure

Zombeh Attack 2

Tom's Tales of Awesome

Edd's Tales of Boredom

Zombeh Nation

This World of Edd

  • Edd - Committed suicide after going insane from isolation. (death not seen)

Zombeh Attack 3

  • Skeleton Tord - Shot in the chest by Tom with a shotgun.
  • Zombeh Matt - Falls face-first into a pot of hot cheese fondue.
  • Edd and Tom - Bitten and (presumably) reanimated as Zombehs.


  • The Mummy's Minions - Killed with a broken Smirnoff bottle by Tom.
  • The Mummy - Crushed to death.
  • Tom - Falls into a spike pit along with Matt and Tord.
  • Matt - Falls into a spike pit along with Tom and Tord.
  • Tord - Falls into a spike pit along with Tom and Matt.

Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007

Zanta Claws

  • Unnamed Boy - Decapitated (head eaten) by Zanta Claws.
  • Bug - Stepped on by Matt
  • The Milkman - Committed suicide by driving off a cliff. (death not seen)

Tom's Tales of Brilliance

  • Tom :
    • Falls off a cliff while skiing.
    • Sucked into an jet engine.


  • Clones - Killed by the gang.
  • Tom - Shoved into a bin by the Gang after they replace him with a Matt clone.
  • Tough Hero Guy and Nerd - Eaten by the Big Named Monster. (deaths not seen)

Moving Targets

  • Enemy Base Guards - Shot and/or crushed by the tank. (deaths not seen)

Matt Sucks

  • Ginger Bat - Crushed to death by Matt
  • Edd - Impaled by Tom's stake machine gun. (accidental)
  • Tom - Impaled himself with his own stake machine gun. (implied to be intentional)
  • Vampire Matt - Explodes after walking outside.



Zanta Claws III

Fan Service

  • Matt - Fatal allergic reaction to dogs.

Space Face

Part 1

Part 2

  • Commander Bai and his crew - Ejected themselves out of an airlock. (later revealed to have survived)
  • Legacy Donator - Incinerated by the ship's rocket engines

Date Night

  • Tom - Eaten by Matt's radioactive socks. (death not seen)

The Snogre

Tom's Tales of Crazy

  • Nermal - Self-imploded.
  • The Orphans - Bombed. (deaths not seen)
  • Stacy - Melted after eating a snowball.
  • Unnamed woman - Dropped off a cliff by Tom.

Hide and Seek

Fun Dead

  • Unnamed guy - Legs and other body parts eaten by a Zombeh.
  • Unnamed kid - Eaten by Zombehs. (death not seen) (later revived)
  • Newsman - Eaten by Zombeh Sheryl.
  • Tom's Father - Shot by Yogi Bear. (in flashback)
  • Unnamed woman - Eaten by Zombeh on roller coaster. (death not seen)
  • Little Tom - Thrown at Zombehs by Tom. (later turns into a Zombeh)
  • Unnamed mother and daughter - Eaten by Zombeh duck and goat.

Mirror Mirror

Christmas Eddventure


  • Unnamed woman - Crushed by a train. (later revived as a zombeh)

The End

Part 2

  • Unnamed Man From "Insane Pirate Zombies from Hell 4" - Stabbed to death by a pirate zombie. (death not seen)
  • Unnamed Woman From "Insane Pirate Zombies from Hell 4" - Eaten by a pirate zombie. (death not seen)
  • Jon - Murdered by Tord, after being caught in the explosion that destroyed Edd's house. (later turns into a ghost)


Edd vs Randomness

  • Tord - Killed by head nibble monster. (death not seen)
  • Edd - Killed by randomness guy.

Sugar Sugar

Boris Grishenko Trailer

Dental Appointment

Rock Bottom

  • Edd - Drowned in house along with Tom.
  • Tom - Drowned in house along with Edd.


  • According to this chart, the gang as a whole has killed thirty-six people or groups: as a group, they killed five people/groups; Edd has killed ten (five as himself, four as Future Edd, and one as Ell); Matt has killed eight people; Tord, ironically, has only killed one person (Jon); and Tom has killed twelve people.

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