222"Deny thy father and refuse thy name"
Name: Laurel
First Appearance: MovieMakers
Last Appearance: PowerEdd (Cameo)
Voice Actor: Laurel Dearing

Laurel is a character in Eddsworld who was cast in Space Cats by Tord's shoe. She was only chosen because she had a pair of shoes that Tord's shoe likes.

Later in the episode, she is thrilled to watch the movie with Edd, Tom and Matt, saying they make a great team, until she is knocked out by Shoe and dragged away for him to have sex with her shoes. She later returned with a cameo in the episode PowerEdd as a child in Edd's flashback.



  • Tom stated in a Vokle that she was originally going to be replacing Tord as a main character, but when he pitched that idea to Edd, Edd said something along the lines of, "Oh boy, a girl. We could do an episode where everyone falls in love with her." Once Tom knew that was Edd's plan for that, he edited the script to have her knocked out and dragged off to an ambiguous fate by Shoe.
  • She is also Eduardo's ex-girlfriend (revealed in the comic 'Ex-girlfriend')
  • She made a small cameo in Trick Or Threat in one of the photos.
  • A YouTube account with her name has "leaked" footage of The End, but is actually a fan account that simply uses her name.


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