Koit Eddsworld Collab 2 is the sequel to the flash Koit/Eddsworld Collab, but instead of complete randomness, this one has an actual plot. It is only available on Newgrounds.


The story follows a sausage on a bike who discovers a fork in the road while he is biking to a bike race. He gets stabbed by the fork and goes into an ambulance. The ambulance hits a turtle and while the sausage's friends are waiting for him to get to the bike race. The sausage flies onto the race when the ambulance hits a speed bump and is beating everybody in the bike race while on a stretcher. He hits a bump on the sidewalk, flies into the air, lands on the ground and the dead turtle's shell falls on him. He starts to laugh, but within a few seconds the old turtle's cane hits him and he dies.


  • This is only on Newgrounds and High as a KOIT.
  • The ambulance is called a Hambulance.
  • Koit is driving the Hambulance.
  • This is Edd's second flash tennis with Koit.

Video Link

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