Kira Buckland, screen name Rina-chan (formerly Kagome Higurashi - as she is credited for her work in the Eddsworld series), is a longtime prominent member of the Newgrounds community. She voices both Kim and Katya in the eddisode "Dudette Next Door." At the time the episode was made - 2005 - she was one of the few consistently available voice actresses on Newgrounds, likely explaining her involvement in the eddisode.

While Kira only appeared in one eddisode of Eddsworld, she has lent her talents to hundreds of other animations on Newgrounds, YouTube, and other websites. In addition, her voice has begun appeared in commercial products such as Castle Crashers and other video games. On Newgrounds, she is probably best known for creating "Brawl Taunts" alongside Kirbopher.

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