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Kim and Katya

Kim and Katya in The End (Part 2)


Katya (Left), Kim (Right)

Hair Color


Shirt Color

Red (Kim), Blue (Katya)

First Appearance

The Dudette Next Door

Last Appearance

The End (Part 2)

Voice Actress

Kira Buckland

Kim and Katya are a couple that first debuted in The Dudette Next Door.


Kim has long blond hair and wears a sleeveless tank top (white, blue, or red), jeans (blue, navy blue, or khaki) and white sneakers, while Katya has her blond hair up in a ponytail and wears a blue t-shirt with grey sleeves and blue jeans with a camouflage-like pattern.

The Dudette Next Door

Kim and katya

Kim and Katya in The Dudette Next Door.

When Edd and Tord first meet Kim after she moved into the neighborhood, they fall head over heels in love with her; they eventually form a love triangle while trying to win her. A month later, Tord gives Kim a pretzel, and she kisses him in return. When Edd sees this, he, fueled by jealousy, flips his lid towards Tord, shouts, "You son of a bitch", and attacks him. Kim rolls her eyes in disgust and notices Katya, who walks up to Kim after greeting her. While fighting, Edd and Tord find out that Kim isn't straight the hard way; they see Kim and Katya kissing each other. Edd and Tord become devastated, but come up with an idea after a few seconds. That night, they attempt to spy on Kim and Katya, but Kim, after winking at the guys, closes the curtains.

Other Appearances

  • Kim and Katya make a cameo appearance on Eddsworld Christmas 2005, on the cover of an 'adult movie' that Tom made (in this scene, however, Katya's hair was brunette instead of blond).
Zombeh kim and katya

Aftermath of Dudette Next Door

  • They appear, once again as zombehs in Fun Dead. This time after the gang took over asdf land and made it a zombeh amusement park, Kim and Katya appear tied up and dressed as devils by the "Spooky Train and don't look hentai and appear as normal characters." They fail to scare Matt, even though a mop with a mouth drawn onto it with googly eyes does.
  • They also appeared in Zombeh Attack 2 as Zombehs, where they were (relentlessly) ran over by Edd's car.
  • In "The End", Kim and Katya rent out their house to Tom, but he soon leaves after discovering they live right next to an airport.


  • Kim and Katya are two female characters drawn by Tord.
  • The words printed on Kim's shirt say vote 5, which may be a reference to the Riddle School games by JonBro.
  • Halfway in The Dudette Next Door, Kim kisses Tord, but near the end, she kisses Katya, bringing some confusion on whether she's a lesbian or bisexual.
  • In a video Tord made about Edd, he stated that Kim and Katya were hentai that he drew.

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