Just a Bit Crazy is a short animation made by Edd Gould. The video is set to the song "No" by Vim.


To begin the tune, Edd, far right, extends his neck up and down to the tune of the music. He turns his mouth upside down at an off-sound. Then another tune starts and Tord joins in, shaking and straightening to the music on a red background. After that Tom joins in with his head spinning and moving to a drumbeat. At the end, Matt's head pops up on the left side, shouting at the three, although you can't hear anything at all, only the music.


  • In a certain part, the colors resemble a reflection of the Italian Flag.
  • Edd, Tom and Tord have the same colors and order of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Matt has ruffled hair, droopy eyes and no jacket over his hoodie, suggesting he was trying to sleep through the din the others are making.
  • This was once Edd's most viewed video on YouTube, but Fun Dead now holds that title.
  • There are many videos that parody this.



Watch the Video Here