JukinoMoe is an Eddsworld short made in late 2011. It was made by Edd Gould as a short parody of the YouTube channel UkinoJoe. You can find it here


Edd meets Joe and is perplexed by how utterly crazy he is. Then the real Joe sees the video and sadly ponders why Edd Gould made it.



  • This video was Edd's response to Joe's parody of him in Eddsworld USA.
    • Like Joe's parody, this video was released as a joke.
  • This was actually not Edd Gould's last released short before he died of leukemia. His last short that he fully animated was 5ever. It was only uploaded to Edd's tumblr page. Click here to see it.
  • This is one of Edd's animations that are not on Newgrounds, or deviantART .
  • UkinoJoe uses the drawing of him in the episode as his icon on his YouTube channel.