Jon is one of Edd's neighbors. He lives with Eduardo and Mark.

Physical Appearance

Jon looks similar to Tom, except Jon has smaller eyes, smoother hair, and a jacket instead of a hoodie. Jon's pupils are so thick that they would almost always cover the iris and sclera (white part of the eye).


Jon is shown to be insecure and sensitive as Eduardo constantly insults and attacks him for any reason.

In Saloonatics, one of Jon's ancestors, Juan, is shown. Despite having a Spanish name, Juan still carries an English accent.


In part two of The End Jon was killed by a missile launched by Tord's robot. He died in the arms of Eduardo, his last words being "Something", laughing weakly, and then dying while Eduardo cries. In the post-credits scene, Jon is a ghost and criticizes the Sinister Guy; he tells the children he is perfectly fine, but then realizes he is a ghost and becomes disappointed.


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Juan is Jon's ancestor and one of the bandits who teams up with Eduardo and Marco in Saloonatics. He wants to be a prince because Prince Matthew says "ladies love a prince", and Juan likes ladies.

"I like ladies! I wish they liked me..."
"Ow! Treason!"





  • Jon also possesses Tom's round like head.
  • Jon appeared in part two of Space Face as a cameo along with Eduardo and Mark.
  • According to Eddsworld Comic 195, Jon believes that mermaids are real.
  • On the day The End (Part 2) premiered on YouTube, Eddie Bowley sent out a tweet saying his goodbyes to Jon, calling him a "sweet prince."