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Eddsworld refers to the online username and series of animations, comics, and games created by the late Edd Gould. Edd and his various friends, like Matt Hargreaves and Thomas Ridgewell, would have animated counterparts of themselves appear in the various media Edd posted online. Edd's earliest-surviving creation was a short titled Edd, and it was uploaded to Newgrounds on June 6, 2003, the same day he registered.

Matt Hargreaves announced on Reddit that new animated content would be uploaded online in January 2018, but nothing got uploaded due to Matt's tablet not working.[1][2]


During Edd's time in secondary school, he would draw comics about his playground friends being killed and eaten. Edd's school friends would be "cast" in what he called 'Edd's World', which Edd claimed was likely inspired by Wayne's World. Edd later joined Neopets with Matt and some other friends, and he created a Guild accompanied with it's own website titled 'Edd's Kill-a-thon'. After some angry threats, the admins removed Edd's guild for having a violent title. Because of this, Edd created a new guild titled 'Edd's World' with a Geocities webpage linking to various things.[3]

Edd started using an animated gif maker to make gifs about various things like "stickmen dying and farts", but when he finally found a site to post them on (, he discovered they were only accepting flash entries. Edd decided to search for some flash entries and came across a flash titled Agent Smiley, and he started using flash as a result. Starting on 7 November 2002, he made primarily stick figure animations, like his Bendee flashes.[3]

Edd eventually put more of his efforts toward animations about the adventures of him, his friends' animated counterparts, and other characters.[3] The animated counterparts for two of Edd's friends, Thomas Ridgewell and Tord Larsson, were voiced by Edd himself and Alex L'Abbé during the times they didn't have working microphones.

On 25 March 2012, Edd Gould passed away after a 6-year-long battle with cancer. Edd hoped for Eddsworld to continue even after his death. Edd even said in a comment made two years prior that he would continue to doodle his own stuff even if he was hired to do something else.[4] Eddsworld: Legacy and a second YouTube channel came as a result of this.[5]

The Comics

In addition to animations, Edd would post comic strips to his online accounts. These comics were also posted on Edd's website until the site was shut down due to malware in January 2012. After the death of Edd Gould, Tom and Paul created twenty additional comics until control over Eddsworld was handed to Matt and Edd's family. Matt with a few others continue to make comics.

Film adaptation

An Eddsworld film was promised to be made if the Eddsworld: Legacy fundraiser made more than $150,000, but the movie never got made.[6] Marc Lovallo, a fan of Eddsworld, has been working on a fan movie of his own. It is not known when it will be released.

Copyright Infringement

Edd Gould used numerous copyrighted materials in his videos until around 2009.[7] Because of this, certain videos were edited, remastered for sound, and uploaded to the "Eddsworld Extra" channel.



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