Zombeh and Matt
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A Fan made Comic by Glampyra About The Edd crew and The Eduardo crew growing younger due to a freak accident at a magic show, making them work together to fins a way to get back to normal. However they don't know they're also being hunted. The comic is still in progress.


The story starts off with The Edd crew waiting for A magician named "The Great Lameria" to preform. Edd and Tom Question Matt on who they were going to see and why he wanted to see her, Matt tells them she's a new magician (Who he found on the back of a magazine) and that one of her tricks involves mirrors (Which is the only reason he wanted to go). Eduardo, Jon and Mark then sit down behind them; Eduardo tells them that only Edd Tom and Matt would come to a magic show like this, when Edd questions why they came, Jon tells them they never miss a chance to make fun of "A talentless clown like Lameria" Which Mark then explains that Lameria is nothing more than a joke of a magican, whish Matt disagrees to since it had mirrors in it. The Show finally starts, featuring Lameria and her Brother/assistant Joel. During the long and boring Show, Jon starts kicking Tom's seat, much to annoyance. When Jon refuses to admit he's kicking his seat, Tom blows it off. Lameria then tells the audience that they would have to skip to the Grand Finale (Due to the lack of audience and preformance mistakes): The Youth-enizer -A large tank filled with mud-. When Jon starts kicking Tom's seat again, Tom then threatens him with a flask he had brought. Lameria calls them out and tells them they're being rude, Tom insults her (Which she doesn't take lightly) And throws the flash at her instead. He accidentally hits the Youth-enizer, causing it to shatter and cover the six of them in Mud. Joel washes Eduardo off and apologizes for the "Inconvienience". However, Eduardo is revealed to have turned into a teenager, as are the rest of them. Joel takes them backstage where he tells them that Him and Lameria are actually from Ponce de leon's time. After Ponce de leon died, he and Lameria found the fountain of youth in England and that it was Lameria's idea to use the fountain water in her terrible magic show. He then escourts them out, telling them there's nothing they can do. The next page hasn't been submitted yet.


  • The author has hidden a Roosterteeth reference in each page
  • The author had portrayed Young Matt as a "Fat kid"
  • Both Edd and Eduardo have, shaggy hair and small tuffs in different places
  • As teenagers, all six of them have a small bit of shine in their eyes as opposed to all black pupils
  • The people in the theatere at the begining include, Paul, Michael Jones from Roosterteeth and the Author herself