Future Edd was a futuristic version of Edd who served as the main antagonist in the Eddisode WTFuture. He stole a time machine from Red Leader to go back in time to kill his past self so he wouldn't have to live in a future where Cola has been outlawed as a drug.

He was eventually stopped and supposedly wiped from existence after Matt used his time traveling device to reshape the world in his own image.


Future Edd has a deep resemblance to his past self. However, he is older and taller than the present Edd. He retains his iconic green hoodie, however he wears a black trench coat over it. He also has shaggy and longer hair and a beard similar to a five o'clock shadow.


He seems to be smarter, more serious and violent compared to his naive, happy-go-lucky past self. It supposed he snapped after Cola was outlawed (for unexplained reasons). This has now made him suicidal in a way, as he didn't want to die in a future where coke is illegal, so he would go as far as to attempt to kill himself in the past where it was still legal. However, he does seem to have traces of stupidity evidenced by the fact that he attempted to open the door to Edd's house by shouting out random pass codes, assuming the fact that voice activated doors have not been invented until Future Edd's timeline (regardless, this would be odd since he was born and lived in the time where doors had to be manually open through doorknobs, unless he forgot how to use a old-fashioned door).

It's possible he's still friends with Matt and Tom, as the latter 2 had traveled back in time to stop him from paradoxical suicide. If they were not friends, Tom and Matt could have allowed him to proceed with his plans. However, they would use violent, and possibly lethal methods to stop him.


  • He is the second villainous version of Edd.
    • First would be the clones that appeared in Spares.
  • Future Edd said the time paradoxes only happen in movies, but he refused to help injured Matt because it will cause paradoxes.
    • However, that could just be an excuse and he actually didn't want to help him.
  • When Future Edd is able to travel through the time, he can simply travel back to the past to buy Cola. However, he decided to kill his past self instead, although it is more difficult.
    • This reveals he is a very radical character.
  • Also, he could simply commit suicide not to live in the bad future. However, he probably wasn't able to do it and decided to kill his past self as another person.
  • If he knows where his past self is hiding, he should also know his plan will fail, as when he was in our Edd's age, he also met his future self and managed to escape from him.
  • His age was never mentioned, but he is probably around his late 30s or 40s due to the bags under his eyes.
  • Future Edd is the only member of the gang who doesn't have a metal part of the body in the future.
  • In the extra scene, Future Edd talked about the Naked Austrian guys saying clothes can't go back in time because they are not made of biological matter. This is a reference to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines where the Terminator traveled back in time with no clothes on and was acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is an Austrian-American.
  • An explanation about what happened to him, as well as Future Tom and Future Matt is that the main characters were in a time before they came to the past, thus, he and his friends are in the future.
    • Why Future Edd didn't return to try his plot again may be because Matt altered the future, so Cola was not outlawed.
      • Alternatively, he, and his friends, could have been wiped from existence.
  • He has the same kind of laser gun that Tom had in Space Face (Part 2).
    • This could be where he got the gun in the first place.