Faster Than a Speeding Bullet is an Eddsworld short which has no voice acting and only uses music for the entirety of the video.


Edd is walking down the street, when he sees Tord aiming a Desert Eagle at him. Tord fires and the bullet chases Edd down the street, Edd turns around the corner but the bullet does too and continues to chase Edd. It speeds past Tom and Edd with his hair styled like Tom's. The bullet suddenly realizes and turns around to chase Edd. It then continues to chase Edd until Tord gets bored and uppercuts Edd with his gun, sending him flying in the sky. The bullet then hits Tord in the arm and he bites his lip in pain.


  • The music in this short was "This One Goes Out To..." by Streetlight Manifesto.
  • Tord's eyes seem to be faster than the bullet.
  • On Newgrounds, this flash is called 'Faster than a Bullet'.

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