Unnofficial EEddsworld Emblem

The unofficial EEddsworld crest.

Everything Eddsworld (also known as "EEddsworld") is a fan-created blog based around all there is to know about Eddsworld. It is currently one of the only blogs on Eddsworld and is the most successful out of all.

Everything Eddsworld was started on March 11, 2010. The blog can be found here, the Facebook page here, and the Twitter page here. After about a year, it became the most well known Eddsworld blog created by a fan. It has a Q&A e-mail address, In Febuary 2011, a Facebook page was created for the blog, and sometime between then and June, a Twitter account also came into being. The current author and owner of the blog is known by his screen name, "ki700". It was at one point hinted that he would allow a fan of the blog to assist him in his work on Everything Eddsworld, though this was later proven false. ki700 recently adopted the blog domain, but the blog's purpose is currently unknown. Whether this new blog, currently entitled "???", is related to Eddsworld is unknown. Some fans have guessed that the new blog will be on TomSka, and other CakeBomb related groups, though there has been no response from ki700 so far.