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The Enemy Base Guard (Yuu) only appeared in Moving Targets. When he heard the gang enter the tank, he asked Paul if he heard something. The answer to this was: "It's just the sound of NO ONE CARING!". He is voiced by Yuu Tan.

Yuu crossed out

Yuu crossed out in a picture in Tord's secret base.

Later, he was presumably killed on accident by the main cast. This can be proven by the fact that appears as a portrait in Tord's secret room, crossed out.


  • He is heard to have a lisp.
  • He does not have a canon name. However, many fans say his name is "Yuu", since that's the person that voiced him.
    • However, he could have a different name from his actor, as Larry was voiced by Edd Gould, not a person name "Larry".