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"So, whats in the box Tamara?"
— The first sentence spoken by Ell

Ell is the female counterpart to Edd. She appears in "Mirror Mirror," as a main character where she was voiced by Vicky Gould

She appears also in one of Eddsworld Fan Movies, "Best of Both Worlds," again, as a main character, where she was voiced again by Vicky Gould


Ell wears a green hoodie like her male counterpart Edd. She has dark brown hair tied in a ponytail at the bottom of her head. Underneath her hoodie, she wears a white/grey t-shirt, as well as khaki pants and green sneakers with white laces and soles.


Ell has the same personality as Edd, but with a little difference. Among others, unlike Edd, she doesn't like normal coke, but cherry-coke as seen in the "Mirror Mirror." She is also a bit curious, which is seen after she was interested in what was in Tamara's box. She was also very brave, as seen when she came to fight with Dazeem.

Interestingly, when she saw her male counterpart, he didn't impress on her and she simply said "Thank you" after taking the sword with donuts. However, in Best of Both Worlds, when she saw Edd, she was shocked and also fell in love with him, but this episode isn't canonical to Eddsworld series.


  • Her name is not mentioned once in "Mirror Mirror," unless one counts the credits.
  • Ironically, Ell shares her name with a character from the 2004 Christmas Special that Edd seems to be at odds with.
  • Ell is the only character in Eddsworld to physically go through the mirror.
  • In all of her appearances in and out of Eddsworld itself, Ell has always been voiced by Vicky Gould, making her the only Eddsworld character ever to be voiced by the same actor in all appearances, excluding one-time characters in the main Eddsworld series.