Detective Edward Gold is a character who appears in Saloonatics, serving as its main protagonist. He arrives in the town of Spitbucket, USA from England to rescue Prince Matthew sometime in the 19th century.


Edward is much like Edd in appearance, though most notably is the change in outfit. He sports a tan cowboy-esc hat, a dark brown bandana, a green shirt and a tan vest.


Edward seems to be very similar to Edd in many ways: being caring, having a love for cola, and always wanting to help others. However, there is some difference between him and Edd. Edward is very outgoing and tried his best, opposed to Edd who can be rather lazy. He is also shown to be over-confident and naive, thinking he'll be able to rid the town of crime on his first try. He's also very respectful and kind towards Sheriff Thompson.


  • The name "Edward Gold" is in reference to Edd Gould.