Not to be confused with Eduardo (Saloonatics).

Eduardo, (also known as Numero Uno) Is the neighbour and former main antagonist of Edd, Tom and Matt.

Physical Appearance

He carries a resemblance to Edd, the difference being Eduardo has peach fuzz facial hair and a dark green button-up shirt instead of a hoodie.


As opposed to Edd, Eduardo has a Brooklyn accent. Further, unlike Edd, Eduardo seems to have an obsession with Diet cola. Edd and Eduardo's rivalry began when they were children. Their teacher told her students they could be part of a contest in which whoever makes the best drawing wins. He made a really good painting of a duckling but lost to Edd, who made an improvised drawing of himself as "Super Edd". Since then he started to make himself look superior to his rival. Eduardo has even built a giant extension to his house in order to look better than Edd. It ended up being just a large piece of cardboard. He also gladly watches as Edd, Tom and Matt are beaten up by the ghost in their house and as they destroy their possessions. However, when Edd does the same when he is attacked, he swears revenge on him.

Like Edd, he fights with his friends, but unlike Edd's mostly friendly disposition, Eduardo treats his friends like pets and property of his and seems to have a grudge against Jon. Also, while Edd, Tom and Matt have kind intentions most of the time, he has mean intentions.

Despite being a jerk and a rival to Edd, he does appear to have a caring personality, as shown where he mourns Jon, attacking Mutated Tom for attacking Edd, and he misses Laurel.


  • Eduardo is a obvious Parody of Edd.
  • He has a brooklyn accent.
  • Since 2014 he has been played by Brock Baker who is known for his impressions on his youtube channel.
  • it was confirmed that Laurel was Eduardo's ex-girlfriend in comic no.195 ex-girlfriend.
    • However, this may or may not be true, as the comics are not canon.
  • His grandma is the Old Lady.




Episode Appearances

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


  • No. 164 - info (August 8, 2011)
  • No. 182 - Blast (August 8, 2012)
  • No. 195 - Ex-Girlfriend (August 23, 2015)