Eddsworld USA is a parody video made by UkinoJoe. It was uploaded to YouTube on December 9, 2011. It focuses on Americanized versions of Edd and Tom.


Eddy, an obese man with a beard, ask Tommy, an African-American version of Tom with a beard, if he wants to go tail-gating. Tommy tells him he met two hot twins at the library. Eddy asks if they were hot and Tommy replies with, "They Was F*cking Banging As Sh*t, Yo!" Eddy asks where Matty, an unseen character, is. Tommy says he's probably getting "F*cked in the *ss." Eddy then calls him a F*ggot and the video ends.


  • Eddy wears a jacket that says "Penn State", while Tommy has a hat that has the Monster logo.
  • There appears to be an Xbox 360 under the TV in the background.
  • Edd Gould made JukinoMoe as a response to this video.