Eddsworld USA is a parody made by UkinoJoe, where the characters are named Eddy, Matty, and Tommy. Ironically, the parody is supposed to be about what might happen to the Eddsworld characters if they were American instead of British.


Eddy, an obese man with a beard, ask Tommy, an African-American version of Tom with a beard, if he wants to go tail-gating. Tommy tells him he met two hot twins at the library. Eddy asks if they were hot and Tommy replies with, "They Was Fucking Banging As Shit, Yo!" Eddy asks where Matty, an unseen character, is. Tommy says he's probably getting "Fucked in the Ass." Eddy then calls him a Faggot and the video ends.


  • Eddy wears a jacket that says "Penn State", while Tommy has a hat that has the Monster logo.
  • At the end of the episode the text Get Well Soon, Edd is seen, meaning that this episode was for Edd Gould, before he passed away.
  • In the background, under the TV is what appears to be an Xbox 360
  • Edd Gould, in return, made JukinoMoe as a response to this video.

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