Eddsworld Mini is a fan made series of minisodes based in the Eddsworld Universe. It doesn't follow the main storyline, so every character, old and new, will make an appearance. Eddsworld Mini is being directed by Ethan Murphy, and Jack Cavanagh, who are also voice actors.


Jack Cavanagh is voicing Edd

Ethan Murphy is voicing Tom

Lulu is voicing Matt

Hannah Murphy is voicing Tord

Currently, the directors are looking for more voice actors


In August 2016, Ethan Murphy created a concept for an Eddsworld Fan Series, alongside his friends

In November 2016, Ethan Murphy started on the project, and began making scripts.

In January 2017, Ethan Murphy released the first minisode, and started looking for voice actors and animators, he then found Jack Cavanagh, who is voicing Edd


Currently, only one minisode has been released. It is called Reincarnated, and features Matt messing with a button that changes the animation style. A second Minisode is in production at the moment.