The Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 is an Eddisode released on October 21, 2007. It was made as part of Newgrounds' 2007 Halloween Flash Competition and eventually took ninth place in the competition. It featured Edd, Matt, Tom, and Tord trying, and failing, to escape from an axe-wielding maniac.


The episode starts off with Edd looking around and getting hit by a jack-o-lantern. Edd tries to get the pumpkin off but it was stuck to his head. While Edd wanders around blinded by the pumpkin, Matt sees him and hits Edd in the head with a sledgehammer, decapitating him.

It continues with Edd and the gang at Edd's House. Tom is reading a newspaper, Edd and Tord are playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Matt is watching them. Edd hurls an insult to the Hockey Mask Wearing Freak he just blasted in the video game. Suddenly, the monster blasts his way into the house through the wall. He roars at them, causing everyone to scream for ten seconds. Everyone then runs away into the next room while the monster throws two axes that misses them.

While hiding behind a wall, Edd looks over the doorway. Tord asks him if the coast is clear, but Edd replies "Nope" and it's revealed that the top part of his head is sliced off. He falls to the ground with his brain flying off his head. The monster catches up to them and makes a hole in the wall. Everyone runs and hides. They manage to fool the monster. Matt hides behind some curtains and Tom wears a lamp shade on his head. The monster stops at Tord who is holding up a picture frame and smiling, unaware that the real Tord was sneaking away from him.

Tord meets up with Tom. Tom reassures him that they lost him when a sword stabs him in the back. Tom questions "Since when did axe-wielding maniacs carry around swords?" The monster drags the sword out of Tom, causing a spurt of blood to splash all over Tord. The chase ensues when Tord and Matt run down the hallway. Matt runs into a closet with Tord following him. Tord then pushes Matt out of the closet and locks the door, causing Matt to bang on the door in panic to get in. The monster catches up to Matt. Matt kicks the monster in the balls and slowly backs away. Unfortunately, he backs into the basement stairs and falls down. The monster kicks the door of the closet down. He approaches Tord, taking the cap off the bottom of the axe, revealing a stake. He stabs and kills Tord while he screams in terror.

After killing everyone, the monster cleans the blood off his axe while whistling. Edd's ghost taps his shoulder and pulls his mask and releases it, knocking him out. Tom and Tord's ghost float over to Edd as he wonders where Matt went. Matt comes up from the stairs, injured and bloody. He notices the rest of the gang's ghosts and dies of a heart attack. The scene changes to Edd, Matt, Tom and Tord carrying the monster over the city. They throw him off a cliff where his head gets impaled by a spiky rock. The monster's giant red ghost then rises up to get revenge on them. Suddenly, a ghost trap is put underneath them and everyone gets sucked in. The Ghostbusters are then seen along with Luigi.


"What the? Since when do axe-wielding maniacs carry around swords?" - Tom



  • Despite being released before Zanta Claws, Matt is wearing purple clothes. This is likely because productions of both projects co-existed and this one simply was finished first, or was released to coincide with the holiday.
  • Edd was wearing a black T-shirt and Matt was wearing a grey long sleeve shirt in the intro, unlike the usual white shirt for Edd and purple shirt for Matt.
  • Luigi is seen as a Ghostbuster, a reference to his ghost-catching themed GameCube game "Luigi's Mansion".
    • Luigi can also be seen with his ghost-sucking vacuum, the Poltergust 3000.
  • Matt's line of "Not today, matey!" followed by a kick to the groin is a reference to the Season 8 finale of Red Dwarf, "Only the Good...".
  • In the video game, the second player is pointlessly running into a hedge.
  • This is the third episode in which everyone dies; Edd gets scalped, Tom literally gets backstabbed with a sword, the Hockey Mask Wearing Freak impales Tord with a stake sharpened at the end of the former's axe, Matt has a heart attack after falling down the stairs and seeing the ghosts of his friends, and the Hockey Mask Wearing Freak is thrown to the cliff and impaled by spiked stones. All of them are sucked in a ghost trap thrown by the Ghostbusters. This would also be the last time this happens (so far as we know) due to Tord leaving the show in 2008, a year after this episode.
  • This episode is where the animation style begins to look like Edd's modern style.
  • The icon that shows how many enemies are left is replaced by a clown.
  • One of the Ghostbusters has a shotgun.
  • Everyone was wearing T-shirts instead of their usual hoodies.
  • When Tord and Matt were running towards the closet, Matt's shirt is more purplish than lavender.
  • Tom is reading SKA weekly, referencing is youtube name, TomSka
  • It is unexplained how the freak had two axes, and a sword (pointed out by Tom), when you only see him with an axe.
  • The freak never got blood on his axe, yet he's wiping blood off it after he kills the four.
  • This is one of the few Eddisodes to include strong use of profanity. After Matt kicks the Axe wielding Maniac, before he falls down the stairs he shouts "Oh, bollocks!" In Random Bits, it has Tord yelling "YOU GUYS ARE F*CKIN' LAME!" and Edd proclaiming "Holy shit." in Zombeh Attack 2.
  • After screaming at the guys, the axe-wielding monster has to wait some time till he can start chasing.
  • The hockey mask wearing freak is actually fooled by the portrait of Tord
  • Although it was (apparently) a fake, the Tord portrait's eyes moved.
  • Matt fell down the stairs, although they didn't have a upstairs until Hammer and Fail. Presumably those stairs led to a basement.
  • This is one of the only eddisodes where Tord is seen without his hoodie through all of it.
  • This is the only Eddisode to receive copyright claims from the audio from YouTube. It was subsequently deleted. On March 4, 2016 the Eddisode was reuploaded to the Eddsworld Legacy channel with a new score by Marc Lovallo.
    • The original version can be found on the Eddsworld Lost Episodes channel.

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