Eddsworld Guest Comics is a series of comics featuring characters from Eddsworld, written and drawn by many Eddsworld fans. From SuperSmash3DS to Red, they're all done by the fans.



Eddsworld Guest Comics have received positive feedback from Eddheads all over. Praise has been given to the comedy and the art style. Matt Hargreaves has recently posted one of the comics to Eddsworld's Twitter page entitling it "hilarious", and Paul ter Voorde has been quoted of saying that another one of them was "pretty funny".

Problems have only been found with one comic, No. 31, as it features a picture of Edd Gould in the hospital and jokes about how Edd may or may not find happiness in the real world. This comic was released before Edd's death in 2012 and has sinced been censored by the artist to people under 18 years old due to "ideologically sensitive material".

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