What do you use to make your THING YOU DO

I currently use Adobe Flash CS3 and a Wacom medium Bamboo tablet. To record voices i use a Rode NT3 Microphone and a Xenyx 1002FX mixer. I have been using Flash since 2003!

Are the characters real?

Sort of - They are loosely based upon (and voiced) by my friends of the same names, just exaggerated to a great extent .

Can i make a Youtube Poop/AMV/fan-video out of one of your videos/characters?

By all means yes, Just credit be sure to credit the source.

Why did Tord leave? Will he return?

He no longer wanted to participate in the series and wanted to branch out on his own. We're still good friends, but he no he won't ever be returning. If you want more information you can read more in the wikipedia.

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