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In addition to his usual flash animations, Edd Gould also wrote a weekly comic which can be found on both the official Eddsworld site and Eddsworld's DeviantArt page. These comics feature the usual gang of Edd, Matt, Tom and (formerly) Tord. They feature jokes and usually puns. The comics do not have a set storyline, with the exception of the "Accident" and the "Mystery" story arcs. The "Accident" story arc features a six part piece where Matt hits Tom with a car, landing the latter in hospital. The "Mystery" story arc features Edd and Tom noticing Matt coming home late, and they suspect that he is seeing someone, and ponder about who he is seeing. The "Mystery" story arc is currently the longest story arc with 10 comics. These comics are uploaded (usually) every Sunday. Guest comics have also been submitted. The one-hundredth comic was published on February 21, 2010. From Comic #165 to Comic #174, the comics were written and drawn by Katey "RED" Harding, who filled in for Edd during his battle with leukemia. Harding also drew the 185th comic, which was uploaded on her own DeviantArt account.

Following Edd's death in 2012, Thomas Ridgewell and Paul ter Voorde took over writing and drawing the comic respectively, but discontinued it shortly after for reasons unknown. The comic was eventually revived in June 2015, now drawn by various artists including Marc Lovallo, Ben Smallman, David Roy and others. They can all be viewed on the Eddsworld Twitter page. They were put on hiatus until December 2015, and then went on another hiatus until March 6th 2016. Only a week later, Tom published the final Eddsworld comic by him: the 200th comic "Transmission". As of January 1st, 2017, Matt Hargreaves has taken over as artist.


The Eddsworld comics have been turned into books: Toaster Brains and Toaster Brains 2. The first and second book features extra content by Edd, such as exclusive drawings. The first can be bought on Lulu, and the second was a perk from the Eddsworld: Legacy campaign.


asdfmovie5 features a direct reference to the 'Random' comic, where Edd and Tom become duck-billed. This was used as a tribute to Edd, as it was made shortly after his death. This comic can also be featured in Tom's book, Art is Dead.

List of Comics

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