Eddsworld 20k is a short animation made by Edd to celebrate his 20,000th hit on sheezyart. It features many characters shouting "Eddsworld!" at the screen, with the exception of Tom who shouts "WorldEdds!" and Edd who shouts "Nipple!" It also features the clip playing on multiple televisions. Tord turns them off, only for one to start displaying Edd on a pink background singing a high pitched song called "Loving You".

Starring (in order)

  • Catherine as herself
  • Forgetreality as himself
  • Tom as himself
  • MrSimon as himself
  • Edd as himself
  • Tro as himself
  • Yanov as himself
  • Foxgirl as herself
  • BHBobby as himself
  • Mar as himself
  • Eggshells as himself
  • Dokuro as herself
  • Tord as himself
  • Tom, Matt, Edd and Conny as chanting

Watch it here



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