Eddsworld: Legacy was the Eddsworld fundraiser video by Tom Ridgewell, released on June 8, 2012. This fundraiser was donated to charity and it was used to pay the Eddsworld staff for the music, animation, voice actors, sound designer, and the background artist. Tom Ridgewell stated on the video that when if you donated a certain amount of money you would have got prizes.

An update video was posted on the Eddsworld YouTube channel on December 4th, 2015. It now has its own YouTube channel, filled with the Special Thanks videos and several lost Eddisodes, that were removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement. All lost episodes are now on YouTube on the Eddsworld Legacy channel, featuring brand new music from fans such as Marc Lovallo and Yoav Landau.

Donation Rewards

If you donated $1/64p, the prize would be you being awesome for donating.

If you donated $15/£10, the prize would be a soundtrack of original Eddsworld music and a Behind the Scenes of making Eddsworld footage.

If you donated $25/£16, you would be given a small donator Eddsworld poster signed by Tom, Matt and Paul, you will also get the Soundtrack and the Behind the Scenes footage.

If you donated $50/£32, the prize would be an official Eddsworld wristband, the signed poster, the Soundtrack and the Behind the Scenes footage.

If you donated $100/£65, the prize would be the new Eddsworld comic book; the sequel to 'Toaster Brains', featuring the latest comics, sketches, concept art and everything listed above.

If you donated $200/£130, the prize would be a portrait of you in Eddsworld style, signed by the artist Paul ter Voorde and every listed above.

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The Eddsworld legacy poster showing references and various characters from the show.

If you donated $300/£195, the prize would be having your character appearing in one episode. They would have also included your name in the credits, you would have also got everything listed above.

If you donated $500/£324, the prize would be a personal thank you video from Matt and Tom. They would upload it to a new YouTube channel or they'll give it to you to upload to yours, and you would also get everything listed above.

If you donated $1000/£648, the prize would be an spot as a Executive Producer credit on one episode. Also 2 of everything else listed above.

If you donated $2000/£1,582.99, your donation would be entirely responsible for the production of the first official Eddsworld DVD. The money would go towards remastering old eddisodes (including creating an entirely new, copyright-free soundtrack), recording commentaries, filling the DVD with unreleased sketches, the behind the scenes mini-doc and of course a thank you message. Your name will be right there on the box and all profits will go to charity. Also you would get everything else listed above.


Eddsworld: Legacy was highly successful, raising $83,211 with the original goal being $50,000. This allowed Eddsworld to continue on for quite some time. The fundraiser can be seen at the end of both Space Face Part 2 and Mirror Mirror.


Director Thomas Ridgewell came under fire from some of the Legacy donators for the amount of time it took for them to get their perks, although Eddie Bowley has since corrected this issue[1]. Tom actually had to handwrite apology letters to over 200 donators who received their Eddsworld comic books over a year late. This is mostly due to the Eddsworld crew not anticipating the overwhelming response to the fundraiser. On November 21, 2013, Tom confirmed via the Eddsworld Tumblr that there were still donators who had yet to receive their perks, well over a year and a half later. Tom also stated in the same blog that if he could go back in time, he would have never done the fundraiser and instead run the show off of its own profits. On July 1, 2015, Tom announced that the Eddsworld DVD had been cancelled and that the donations would be put towards the show instead.


Tord Legacy

Tord as he appears during the Eddsworld: Legacy intro.

  • It also featured the return of the cancer monster, who is unlikely to appear in a future Eddisode again due to Edd's death.
  • This is the first video on the Eddsworld Youtube channel to feature segments animated entirely by Paul Ter Voorde.
  • When Edd and the others have a group of people with them, Tom oddly has a beard.
  • This is the second time Tom is seen with a beard, the first was in WTFuture.
  • On the Eddsworld poster, Future Matt is not seen.
  • Both of the Eddsworld: Legacy videos have become unlisted on the Eddsworld channel, most likely because The End was released, and Part 2 signified the end of Eddsworld: Legacy.