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Eddsworldcom is the database of Edd Gould's Flash animations and comics. Anything relating directly to Eddsworld is viewable on the site as it allows access to Edd's Comics and Cartoon Flashes, and as well as the Unrelated Doodles of the man who started it all.

The website is also a way of ordering Eddsworld merchandise such as sweaters and jumpers sporting the emerald green whilst also offering different colors. The website has been seen as more handy when viewing videos. For example, all of Edd's flashes appear on the website before YouTube,and on the video Edd's Tales of Boredom, at 0:48- 0:59 on the YouTube version, Edd is static and shouting at a wall while on the Eddsworld version Edd is hitting his head at the wall while shouting at it, which is an example of how Eddsworld videos may differ to YouTube videos.

The site has a green theme and layout, which makes it more relevant to Edd's personality. It also has Edd's Twitter base.

From 29th March 2012, the website redirected to the video announcing Edd Gould's death,[1][2] Also in 8th June 2012, going to the link redirected users to the "Eddsworld: Legacy" fundraiser video.[3][4]

According to Tom Ridgewell in a Q&A interview, the site was shut down a month or two before Edd's death due to a virus problem. It is unknown if it is fixed at this time.

Currently, URLs to the site don't go anywhere but you can still access it through the WayBack Machine.[5]

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