Eddsworld's "Decoy" Comic Series is a series of Eddsworld comics created in 2011 made by Katey "RED" Harding.


Tom has accidentally broken Matt's mirror, but when Matt comes barging into his room, Tom has made a body double of himself out of a broom, duct tape, his hoodie and a bowling ball. Matt takes the fake Tom and yells at it. Due to Matt shaking the fake Tom, the bowling ball falls off, prompting Matt to go outside and dig a hole to bury the fake Tom. Matt then starts talking to the fake Tom, but the real Tom arrives at the end of Part 3 and frightens Matt. Matt, believing that Tom has risen from the dead, says he'll do anything for Tom if he stops haunting him. We then see Tom playing video games with his feet on Matt's back. Edd comes into the room and gets curious about what Tom is doing, before putting his feet on Matt's head.