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Eddie "Eddache" Bowley (born October 23, 1982, age 34) is a voice actor, writer, director, and producer. He has voiced the characters Jon, Barry Black and "Straight Man". He is also well known for his "Top Ten Bad" series on his own YouTube channel.

He also has his own websites: and

He mainly writes with Matt Hargreaves and Tom Ridgewell.

After Edd's Death

Eddie was one of the people Tom auditioned to voice Edd after Edd Gould's death, it was down to either him or Tim H, and Tom chose Tim because he wanted a more "rough around the edges" voice.

Tom asked Eddie to help him with writing Fun Dead. When Eddie received what Tom had already written, all that was there was the first scene and some jokes. Eddie wrote most of the episode. After that he became the series co-writer, co-producer, and co-director.[1]

Eddie jumped at the chance to be a major part of Eddsworld, later saying "My heart jumped for joy. Because I was finally doing something to return the favour to Edd."[2]

Eddie wanted to bring something new to the show, rather than just "repeating the jokes from old episodes." He tried to give each character a little more of an individual personality.


On March 16, 2016, after The End was released, Eddie tweeted "Aside from some final leftover Legacy perks to be sorted, my work with Eddsworld is over."[3]

Tom, Eddie, and Paul wrote a goodbye tweet on the official Eddsworld Twitter, before signing out.


  • He has his own channel called, Eddache, where he specializes comedy and much more: one such skit is Jaws 19.
  • He is one of Tom's 'go-to' guys for help.
  • He, along with Thomas Ridgewell, left Eddsworld to work on Crash Zoom.