Edd vs Randomness is an episode submitted on Newgrounds the 10th of October 2005. It is the direct sequel to Edd Vs Pie: Random.


The movie begins with Tord walking. Edd is sitting on a roof spying on him, when two random heads pops up and start sing something Norwegian. Edd starts running for his life.

Edd falls down off the roof. When he is falling, you can see Domo-kun and several random pictures flashing between frames.

He lands on a sidewalk and breaks it. Then some random things start to attack Edd.

First, he is scared out of the sidewalk by a giant Pillsbury Doughboy. Next, some crazy person knocks him back in, but he ends up in a strange void where another head appears singing the theme song from The Snorks. Edd falls back through the hole and is fired between more portals. He returns to the proper world, when a pair of binoculars falls on his head, making a giant welt. Tord pokes the welt with a stick, and it attacks him. A group of random clips, not from Eddsworld, appears over Edd, who is still lying on the sidewalk. Everything except Edd disappears, putting him in a white void, and his colour is removed from his outline, and return to place as the head returns. He is seen back on the roof, leaning on the railing, sobbing. The head keeps on appearing, not seen by Edd. Then the tower grows, and Edd is attacked by a goth person wearing a shirt that says "Grim". Throughout the whole thing, the song was being sung.


2017 05 06 14.36.53-1

One of the many random pictures that appears throughout the short, showing Edd putting sticky notes on his face.

  • Despite being credited in the short, the character Tom doesn't appear once. However, one of the heads that constantly appears next to and behind Edd was taken from a photo of Tom Ridgewell, which explains why he was credited.
  • The song being sung by Tom's head the second time Edd falls into the hole in the sidewalk is the theme song from The Snorks.
  • While Edd is falling of the building, random pictures can be seen flashing for less than a second onto the screen, some of which are photos of the real Edd Gould doing random things such as putting sticky notes all over his face.
  • The first two heads that appear next to Edd belong to Tord Larsson and Edd Gould.
  • The guy who shoves Edd back into the hole in the sidewalk makes the "Wryyyyyyy!" sound effect made by the character Dio Brando from the 1998 video game adaption of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure whenever said character does his infamous "steam roller combo".

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