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"No...not the Cola Machine!" -Edd

Once again Coke saves the day.

–Edd, Zanta Claws

"Wow, Tom, I guess you wanted to celebrate Christmas all along! Oh.... Tom...No... Tom, Don't Do it! Tom, don't you burn that tree down! DO NOT BURN THAT TREE DOWN! Arrgh, ya did it...."
— Edd

–Edd, Hello Hellhole

I STILL don't see what this has to do with US.

–-Edd, Space Face, (Part 1)

Lalalalalalala...Ooh, a can! SHOVE! Lalalalalalala...

–Edd, WTFuture

It's pretty swell!

–Edd, His catchphrase


–Edd, Hammer & Fail 1

I could use some words of encouragement. -Edd,Saloonatics