Edd's Tales of Boredom is a compilation of sketches animated by Edd and are either voiced by Edd and Tom or music is played in the background. The sketches are completely unrelated to Eddsworld, and some feature characters which never appear again. Although, Edd, Tom, Tord and Matt do appear in at least one sketch.


The first sketch shows Edd dressed as a giant chicken, doing the chicken dance until someone shoots him from off-screen with a sniper rifle.

In the next sketch, Edd is asleep, dreaming about a girl, to the lyrics of "You Are My Sunshine". When he wakes up and realises that she's not with him, he "[hangs] his head and [cries]" .

Edd is shouting at a bowl of soup for tasting hot; he then slams the bowl and scalds his hand.

To the lyrics of "Walkie Talkie Man", Matt challenges Edd to a race, in which the latter is beating the former. Matt sees Edd in his tree and yells, causing him to fall out of the tree and land flat on his face.

Edd repeatedly walks into a wall while yelling at it to get out of his way.

In the style of a black and white film and as a parody of Zombeh Attack 2, an apparently zombified man called Ben tries to get to Morgan, who lives in a boarded up house, by using the latter's car. Morgan patronisingly replies, 'Yes Ben. I know, I know, I can see you."

Tord runs away from two small squares while 'Break My Stride' is played; these squares are actually Paul's eyebrows.

Tom encounters a zombified Matt and stiltedly reacts in shock. Matt apathetically replies, "Meh. Who cares?"

A random drawing of a naked man running in a desert appears, to the lyrics of 'Friendship is Rare' by Tenacious D.

A man with huge cheeks sings, "When I wake up in the morning, I'm still asleep!"

The host of a cooking showdown introduces the the ingredients: 1 cake making kit, 2 eggs and a bag of flour, and examines the cakes made by the contestants. Angela, the first contestant, has made "an exquisite cake, with pink frills and all sorts of that shit," as said by the host. Jimmy, the second contestant, has just stuffed all of the ingredients into a bowl. Jimmy then screams at the host for no apparent reason.

Edd walks into a room, where a woman (Bianca Castafiore from the 'Tintin' comic books) is singing opera. He looks outside the room to check if anybody is watching, then goes back and watches more.

A man with light blue-violet hair states, "Yay, I'm popular! You all suck!"


  • The bag of flour has 'Lol' written on it.
  • Angela's cake has 'Big Cake' written on it.
  • Edd made a Sheezyart video called "Paul has large eyebrows", and is similar to the sketch of Tord running away from Paul's eyebrows.
  • This episode's white void background and lack of colour is similar to that in Tom's Tales of Awesome and Tom's Tales of Brilliance.
  • In the Newgrounds version of this Eddisode, the picture of Bianca Castafiore flashes repeatedly. However, in the YouTube and website version, the picture stands still.
    • Similarly, in the Newgrounds version, Edd is throwing himself against the wall continuously with facepalm sounds continuously playing as he does this.
  • "Yay, I'm popular!" would later be said by Matt in Space Face.

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