Guardian Angel

Edd and his angel

Hair colour


Shirt colour


first appearance

Eddsworld Christmas Special 2005

Voiced by


Edd's Guardian Angel appeared in the Eddsworld christmas flash '05. If he helped Edd change his ways he would wear his wings. He is based of the guardian angel from the film It's a Wonderful Life.


Edd's Guardian Angel appears in front of Edd when he falls asleep behind his desk. If he makes Edd change his ways he would earn some wings, so he decides to show Edd what they world would be like if he was never born. He shows Edd how succesful Tom and Tord have become, but also shows him that Matt had become a tramp and Coca-Cola sales had to shut down worldwide. The Angel suddenly leaves Edd stranded in this world for a while. Then transposrts Edd back to the real word a short time later.

He is seen flying away with his wings during the credits.

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