There are a few easter eggs in Eddsworld. Here's a list of them:

Space Face (Part 2)

In the second part of Space Face when Tom gets shocked by Matt for a second he gets some green numbers on his hair, and that green numbers are the same from the screen of the cloning machine from "Spares" so, that means that from 2008 the original Tom has been out of the Eddsworld crew and being replaced by one of the clones that Christopher Bingbong made.

Also, in the scene after, once Tom gets knocked out, the monitors above him can be clicked on, which will take you to Paul's Tale.

Hammer and Fail (Part 2)

  • The car that Tom crashes into looks like Tord's.

Zanta Claws 3

  • There are two Tomee Bears in the episode. There is a giant one in the family's house wearing a Santa suit and hat. There's another one that appears near the end of the episode. It's next to the couch where Edd and Matt are sitting.
  • On the TV in the family's house, it says "The Queen's Speech, sponsered by Uncle Susan's Adult Diapers."
  • The stockings on the fireplace say Girl, Boy, Mum, and Dad.
  • The box Bing delivered said "TOP SECRET DO NOT TOUCH, especially you John."
  • When everyone goes inside the van, Edd says brocoli, a reference to Hello Hellhole when he said Brocoli when entering the Hellevator.
  • The button iniside the Boxmas Bot said Weapon Z, a possible reference to the Z-Gear in Zanta Claws II.
  • The mug Matt was holding had words on it that said Don't Mug Me, which is the same mug Shoe had in MovieMakers.
  • In all three Zanta episodes, Tom was seen with eyes.
  • When Zanta was inside Edd's House, he was wearing a red hoodie, just like Tord as he said in Zanta Claws II that his favourite was Tord and wanted to take his place.

Hammer & Fail

  • The fridge when it shows Edd has magnets spelling out "Buy More Cola."
  • There are 2 cereal boxes. The 1st one says "super cereal" and the second one says "Eddsworld cereal", a reference to Ruined.
  • When Matt goes into his room with the junk, there is a picture of his grandma on the wall (The same one who appeared in the animation Xmas Day)
  • On the kitchen tiles there is Tom's favorite pattern of black and white.
  • The tape that bounces to Edd's feet is called Matt on Matt Anthems, a refrence to Matt's movie Matt on Matt Action from Movie Makers.
  • The clipboard from the guy who delivered the Diet Coke said "Delivery Dungeon"
  • The sign on the hardware store has graffiti on it, making it say (Matt is a) Massive Tool Center
  • When it was zooming in on the shop, on the mirror with the screwdriver, it said "Screw Everything". There's a machine gun, cup of tea and trolley on the roof.
  • An Eddsworld cereal billboard is shown during the view of the mall.
  • When the blue prints are shown, it says the following:

Stuff We Need

  1. Wood
  2. Bricks
  3. Cola
  4. Cement
  5. Tools
  6. Nails

Then afterwards, on the clipboard scroll, it says:

  1. Draw blueprints
  2. Start laying bricks
  3. Check the level of bricks
  4. Try to fix bricks.
  5. Cry about bricks
  6. Read a magazine
  7. Eat biscuit
  8. Be dissapointed in Matt
  9. Obligatory Building Montage
  10. Install Windows
  11. Run Windows
  12. Long yawn
  13. Kill NC
  • When Edd decides to call Insta Roof through the Mellow Pages, two hands hold the phone book and another hand appears to use the phone and call Insta Roof.
  • When Matt was just in his underwear, his underwear reads I <3 M@, meaning I love Matt.
  • When Matt is in bed, you can see a Mr. Potato Head, a giant Lego brick, Tomee Bear, two giant bananas, a grandfather clock, 3 vinyl discs, giant sunglasses, a guitar, a spade, false teeth, a giant elephant, two basketballs, two traffic cones, two vases, two other teddy bears, a skull, a bowl, a knife, boxes, a hamburger, a book of Mary, a baseball bat, a fork, a plate, a doll head and a potato sack.


  • When Future Edd confronts Edd, the subtitles say "I am YOU from the far off year of two thousand and OH NO A BUS".
  • Before the man with the old lady is hit by the laser, in the subtitles, it says "and I can`t dance".
  • Matt's pictures are: Matt in his old shirt, him on a vacation, him somewhere with his arm extended and the sky showing.
  • When Future Edd tries to enter Edd's house, he says "Broccoli?", a reference to Edd going in the hellevator.
  • When the waitress gets angry it says "RAGE" in the backround.
  • When the waitress is taking orders from the three, she has an Adam's Apple. (Which raises a question-is the waitress really a woman?)
  • The salt and pepper shakers have the words on the wrong shakers.
  • On the Blue Screen of Death, before the Just Kidding pops up, it says "Oh my god, your computer has gone psycho and destroyed thousands of homes of the people that live inside your computer. Much like the vikings they have sauging the land inside your box destroyed what little they had left in their imaginary lifes. This truly is doomsday for them all."
  • The sign reads "TELEVESIONS AND CHEESE".
  • When Future Edd appears in front of the cars, the store behind him reads, "BUY MY STUFF PLZ".
  • When the Easter Island moai get Matt's hair, one instead gets an afro with a comb.
  • When Edd searches for his lucky can, there's a Tomee bear on the desk.
  • In the restaurant, Paul is sitting behind Edd and Matt, dressed like the soldier from Moving Targets and MovieMakers.
  • The sign behind Edd in the restaurant says 'Welcome to Bob's DINER. We promise not to eat your heart'.
  • Future Edd's time traveling watch has 'Time walker thing lite' and 'Keep out of reach of children and drunks' written and a note which reads 'Let's do the time warp again!'
  • When Edd dashes to the time machine, there's 'Bad Wolf' written in graffiti in the background, a Doctor Who reference. It's also seen, a little bit fuzzy, when Edd throws Matt's picture.
  • When the machine falls in Matt's hands, the commentary says: 'I GUESS SO LOL'
  • When they are running from future edd at the start there is a tardis in the background
  • Tom's bass is still damaged from when edd destroyed it in Ruined
  • When matt is choosing a photo the mirror in the background a mirror has lipstick on it
  • When Edd gets distracted, the Coke with Bacon ad comes on the TV's, the same ad from This World Of Edd.
  • When the Awesome Bikes Inc. billboard comes in, on the corner it says "*Our Bikes May Not Actually Be Awesome (or well drawn)"
  • When a lazer hit the light post , you can see Tom is wearing a funeral veil.
  • There's a LOT of easter eggs in WTFuture, isn't there?

Xmas Day

  • When edd gets out of his room, the sign says "Edd's (sucks) Room"
  • When Edd wakes up Tom, there is a Tomee Bear on his bed.
  • The DVDs say 'Definitely no porn or something' and 'Oh no you shot that guy'
  • One of the actors resembled real life actor Nicholas Cage.
  • In the last part on the TV, before static goes off, there is a man waving a screwdriver, kind of like a resemblance to Doctor Who.

Climate Change

  • When Tom starts talking about what happens when they use too much electricity, there is a picture of Shoe from MovieMakers behind him.
  • A sign in the garden says "Blatant Wires" with a reversed S.
  • In the power plant, the text under "Electrometer" says "Yes they exist now".
  • The text on the TV's with the news repeatedly says "News it's bad oh my god it's really bad seriously oh my god".
  • Matt's newspaper says "Newspaper, and now with more electricity" and "Plugin here".
  • When the the camera is passing through the walls, you can see wires that are blue, green, red, and purple just like Edd's, Tom's, Matt's, and Tord's hoodies.
  • Paul is working as an electrician.
  • Alex and Paul's outfits look alot like Mario from “The Super Mario Brothers Super Show”.


  • Below the numbers of the microwave, it says "WTF".
  • When Tom sees the camera, behind him there is a store called "Worthless Xtras".
  • The poster next to Tom's camera says "Battle Royale with cheese".
  • Shoe's mug says "Don't Mug Me".
  • Various signs in the park say things like 'Keep of the grass, it has feelings too' or 'Book depository hill'
  • On the conveyor belt in the sandwich factory, there is a cut-off arm.
  • When the video is hosted on YouTube: The username is SomethingRandom98, The description is "LOLL GINGER MATT GETS CRUSHED BY A BIG MACHINE AND WHOOPS I HAVE RUINED THE ENTIRE PLOT WITHIN A SENTENCE", The related videos are "Something about machines," "Something completely different," and "[Corn]whore diaries" and the comments contain "First comment" spam.
  • When Tom sees the camera, Essy passes by.
  • In the costume department, the four costumes are a coat, a chicken suit, a fish suit, and a green hoodie.
  • In the scene where Tom is running in circle, on the wall, it says "@ould"
  • Next to the Worthless Xtras shop is a shop called "WTF Smiths"
  • On the "Choco" vending machine, the options are labelled "Yum, Yum, Yum, Yuk, Yum".
  • When the team are making the video Edd is looking in to a mirror when trying on the fez in his reflection he is making a funny face.
  • The "Top Secret Military Base" Says "Well, it used to be".
  • When Tom tries to think of a script, his checkered tie is seen on the lamp.
  • Matt's checklist says 'Sound Effects' 'Exploding Pineapple' 'Pyrotechnics' 'Falling Dummies' and 'Laser Bees'.
  • Matt's DVD says 'Not suitable for anyone EVER'
  • The clapboard says 'No. way hosay'
  • When Edd takes a tank, Paul is in the stand, dressed as the soldier that doesnt care from Moving Targets.
  • When Matt blows up a toy car, a sign on the grass says "Keep off the grass, it has feelings too."
  • At the end the movie theatre is called "Conviniently-placed Cinema." Conveniently is also conveniently spelled wrong

Art is Serious

  • The program Edd uses to animate is called 'That program i make flash with'
  • There is a window which says "quiet this is a library", a reference to the Library in flash
  • When the credits roll it says:

'Written by Edd Directed by tom animated by Edd, Drama by Edd angst by tom colors are fun brown, yellow green yay this is not very subtle is it Apologies closing credits, inside a motion picture or television program, come at the end of a movie or show and list all the cast and crew involved in the production, they are usually shown on the screen in small characters, which either flip very quickly from page to page, or crawl from bottom to top of the screen, Credits which crawl either left to right or up and down are also known as rolling credits, which comes from pre digital days when the names were literally on a role of paper and wound past in front of the camera, increasingly, post credit scenes are boring added to the end of films.'

  • When the Newgrounds part flashes up, number 1 is Eddsworld: Angst, while number 2 is a Meet 'N' Love game.

Zanta Claws II

  • The subtitle of the North Pole airport is "You might need a coat".
  • There are bear traps on the roof (Leftover from Zanta Claws).
  • The second screen across and third screen down on Zanta Claws' monitors shows Paul sitting on a bench.

Matt Sucks

  • One of the stakes pierces Steve (Tom's hair) and it bleeds.
  • Also, another stake pierced Tom's groin.
  • When Tom flicks on the light to find Matt, there is a Tomee Bear on the cabinet.
  • When Edd is pinned to the wall by stakes there is a photo of the Axe Murderer from Eddsworld Halloween Special and that picture moves when Tom gets by the stakes.
  • When Tom runs to tell Edd that Matts a vampire there is a picture of a caricature of Edd in the background.
  • When matt explodes outside in the end, you can see where the "matt batt" got squashed. The bat (or whats left of it anyway) looks like a miniature explosion to matts explosion marks on the ground.
  • When Matt falls to the ground after the intro, it sounds like he says "a perfect landing."

25ft under the seat

  • At the beginning of the episode, Tord's car license says, "N0R5K1", which is leet speak for Norski, which translates into Norwegian.
  • One of the advertisements in Atlantis is for 'Home of the worlds largest free-range aquarium'.
  • There is a road sign reading 'road liable to flooding'.
  • Matt's keys say "KISS ME I'M GINGER!"
  • Outside the toilet is a picture of Tom and Edd stood beneath a street lamp which is a remake of an already existing photo.
  • When Edd is watching TV, Diwi is on it.
  • On the welcome sign into Atlantis, it says "100% Water-Resistant".
  • There is an Easter Island Head leant against a building.
  • A shop is called 'Don Edit's Sushi Bar'.
  • There is a fish person stuck in plastic beer nets with a sign saying "Please Help".
  • There is a Tomee Bear in the leisure window of the museum.
  • In the museum there is a vine spelling out "Hello".
  • When the fish policeman is pointing at the rock there is a smiley face spelled in the vines above the rock.
  • In the youtube video for 25 feet under the seat, right as Toms flashback music was starting, a frame from when they first entered the Zoo briefley appears.
  • In one of Tom's flashbacks, it reveals that Tom's mother is a bowling ball and his father is a watermelon, thus explaining why he was born with no eyes.
  • In one of Tom's flashbacks, Tom dressed up like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.
  • In one of Tom's flashbacks, there is a Tomee Bear and a 'Boppo' (Reference to Rugrats) in the background while Tom is spelling out 'Holy' with his blocks.
  • In one of Tom's flashbacks, Matt appears to be sucking on a pacifier and is wearing his future purple hoodie instead of his original black hoodie and green jacket.
    • Also, Tord is seen wearing his red hoodie instead of his black trench coat.
  • In one of Tom's flashbacks, there's a Newgrounds poster on the wall.
  • when they go back into the museum,the plumber hand from thier sink is in a tank.
  • When the fish officer is holding the picture of the guys looking at the camera, on the bottom right hand corner the date says 3008, therefore putting Eddsworld 1000 years into the future.
  • When the group first arrives in Atlantis, a remix of the Underwater Theme from Super Mario Bros plays.
  • In a flashback Tom was sucking on a bottle of Smirnoff while he was very young.
  • It is shown in a flashback that he took a coconut to prom as a date.
  • It is shown that Tom had a job as a buger chef in a flashback.

Bang, Boom, Splat!

  • Game's theme song is the same song that was used at the start of Zombeh Attack
  • If you click the center of Edd's face while your in a level, he pulls a silly face.
  • On the Intro video, the paper that Edd is reading says "Famous guy sleeps with poor girl (now rich)".
  • The newspaper also says on another page, " Some team won the other team lost. Who actually cares, honestly?"
  • The preloader is a reference to the preloader of "Pico day 2008" of Newgrounds.
  • On Level 2 the person in Elevator is Boris Grishenko from Boris Grishenko Trailer.
  • On Level 3, the TV is playing Tom's Tales of Awesome.
  • On Level 5 the dog that comes out is the dog from the NES game Duck Hunt .

Moving Targets

  • The brochure that Tom's reading says "Holidays & Stuff like that".
  • When the advertisement on the TV comes on, the television brand is "Phony".
  • Tord wears a picklehaube helmet.
  • When they are assembling rifles, the sign in the background for "Rifle Assembly" says beneath it "Not Trifle Assembly, that's just silly".
  • On the sign for helicopter training it says, "GET TO DA CHOPPA!".
  • On the helicopter it says "Hella Copper" in the same font as "Coca-Cola".
  • The colors of the toothbrushes that Tom and Matt are using the scrub the bathroom floor with are the same colors as their hoodie jackets.
  • During the epic picture sequence, the following things can be found: Edd has his pinkie up, has "Coca-Cola" tattooed on his arm, and has the words "Smeg Head" on his helmet, Matt has a peace sign sewn onto his army jacket, Tord has a box of cigarettes in his front pocket, and Tom has a poker card (Ace of Spades) in his helmet while smoking one of Tord's cigarettes.
  • When they are being sent to war, Tord is the only one smiling.
  • The guard with the cigarette is Paul, whom also drew the awesome art earlier.
  • Somehow tord fell from the air quiker than the others, because of the shape he was in.
  • When Edd, Matt, Tom, And Tord are falling into the army base, Tom suddenly has eyes.


  • The evil director's name is Christopher Bingbong according to the credits.
  • The name of the movie Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord watch is "The Big Named Monster" (because of the large name of the monster).
  • After Edd states that he thinks millions of people would want to see the move, while Tord, Tom and Matt express their opinions, Tom says, "Nobody will ever love you".
  • On the chalkboard, the evil movie director writes "I have large genitals", "Algebra <--hee hee", and "69 pud pud".
  • When the clones are being made and receiving their brains, an Edd clone gets a toaster.
  • In the movie when the clones are watching it, the actor on the left has a shirt that says "Moving Target".
  • In "Rejects Room #64", the rejects are, starting with the top right in clockwise formation, a mix of Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord, another mixture of Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord, a badly drawn Tom clone, and a Matt clone with a photographic head of the real Matt that says "Indubitabla".
  • When all the clones leave the theatre, the poster on the wall says "EGGS try not to think where they come from".
  • When the Edd clones pass by the EGGS poster, one of them is not wearing clothes.
  • The dumpster that the clones threw a Tom clone in says "RECYCLED glASS".
  • When you see the clones in the arcade for the first time, you can see a Matt clone dressed as Wally/Waldo.
  • Also during the first scene in the arcade, one can see a Tom clone giving the finger.
  • The shooting game that an Edd clone plays and loses in is called "House of the LEAD", a spoof of the classic arcade game "House of the Dead".
  • The dance game that 2 Matt clones are playing (horribly) while being watched by a group of Matt clones is called "Fap Fap Revolution", a spoof on "Dance Dance Revolution".
  • The racing game that a Tom clone, a Tord clone, a Matt clone and an Edd clone are playing is called "Zoombies!!", a reference to Eddsworld Zombeh Nation.
  • The punchbag machine that a Tom clone uses and scores 'Tom' on is called DUNKEE Punch;
  • One of the prizes inside the crane game that a Tom clone somehow got in is an ASDF doll.
  • The number on all the arcade tickets is "5318008", so when typed on a calculator and viewed from upside down, it spells "BOOBIES". (Or maybe "BOOBLESS".)
  • Some of the prizes at the prize counter costed 9001 tickests, a reference to the popular meme "It's over 9000!".
  • When the lady at the prize counter was getting the clones' prize (a keychain), one can see 4 boxes of Eddsworld Cereal behind her, which is a reference to "Ruined".
  • When Edd opens the refrigerator door to get a Coke, on the door is bowl of "I Can't Believe It's Not Margarine", a spoof of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".
  • When the clones take all of Edd's Cokes from his refrigerator, a Matt clone is seen taking a pickle jar instead.
  • When Edd goes to get some coke in the picture Edd and Tom Tom has eyes.
  • The writer of The big named monster was monkey #56 as shown in credits.
  • In the fridge there is a sock.

Money (That's what I want)

  • When the camera goes down the hallway there is someone with a sign saying 'I'm lost' with a backwards 's'
  • Just before the last scene there is a picture of Edd in the shower trying to cover up and he looks like he's shocked

Zanta Claws

  • The little girl is wearing an "I <3 M@" probably meaning a fan of Matt
  • Zanta gives a teddy bear to the girl, a Tomee bear to be exact
  • The girls look like Edd and Tord.

Eddsworld Halloween Special

  • In the video game at the start, one can see the second player is pointlessly running into a wall.
  • On the game, the symbol that shows how many "Hockey mask wearing freaks" is a clown.
  • When the "hockey mask wearing freak" breaks through the wall at the start, Tom is readin 'Ska' magazine.
  • When all the ghosts get captured by the Ghostbusters, Luigi from Super Mario Bros. is a Ghostbuster. (Luigi's Mansion refrence)
  • At the end one of the Ghostbusters have a shotgun.
  • Tom dies from bleeding to death, Edd has half his head cut off, hence his brain fell out(he had a brain to begin with?) Tord is stabbed in the chest with the bottom of the killer's axe, and, apparently, Matt has a heart attack at the sight of Edd's, Tom's, and Tord's ghosts.Later they all throw the killer of the cliff, and he turns into a huge red ghost.


  • When Edd walks by Tom's room and sees his bass, one can see Tomska's checkered pattern tie hanging from a tie rack.
  • When Tom sees his bass destroyed, he shouts, "What in the name of this delicious bowl of Eddsworld Cereal happen to my bass?!?"
  • Tom's poster says "ASDF stay safe,"this referring to him being the creator of ASDFman.
  • There is various graffiti in the ruins, one of which reads 'Anubis was here'
  • Indiana Jones and Short Round from The Temple of Doom are seen as skeletons.
  • When Matt hits the button to activate the trap, it says, "Blatant booby trap (He he. 'Booby)."
  • When the mummy starts chanting, you can hear him say "Super Nintendo" and "SEGA."
  • A picture of Hellucard can be seen in the ruins.
  • Matt jumps into Tord's arms, in a reference to scooby jumping in Shaggys arms in scooby-doo. Them Tom says 'Jinkies', the catch phrase of Velma Dinkly.
  • The walls have written on them "For a good time summon Horus," "Down wif Sacabz" and "Anubis was here."

Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 3

  • One of the zombies is Paul ter Voorde's Jasper.
  • One of the zombies is Boris Grishenko.
  • The same zombie Matt told to get a haircut with some highlights can later be seen walking around with just that.

Casino Night

  • Tom's name tag says 'Ugly Bugger' above his name.
  • The shop signs say : 'Eat at Joe's', 'XXX' and 'Open 24 hours'. The Casinos name is 'The Cruising Casino'

This world of Edd

  • Amongst the newspapers on the rack delivering bad news, The Sun's headline is 'POSH DUMPS BECKS'
  • The news says "The news today charlie brown declared that a bouquet of fishes is not a correct present to give somone insane".

Hello Hellhole

  • Underneath the link they click in the google search results, the next link is 'Have you seen my sausage?' Most likely relating to one of Edd's comics, with Tom eating dynamite on a bun, and Edd saying "Who took my dynamite?"
  • The link Edd clicks to go to Hell has 666 kilobytes.
  • When Edd and the gang confronts Lucifer, lord of Hell, in the Personal Hells Department, Lucifer is seen reeding the necronomicon.
  • When it is in the sinner squishing room noggin from eddnogg is the 2nd sinner.
  • When viewing the sinner squishing room, the sign above the window indicates it is Sinner Squishing Room #666
  • There are many parodies of famous brand names in the beginning, such as Pizza Butt (Pizza Hut), Phony (Sony), and Puniversal (Universal).

Eddsworld Zombeh Nation

  • Matt's mobile phone manufacturer is 'Sony Erection'
  • At the begining before the train comes there is grifiti that says @ould which is gould which is Edds last name


  • The truck that passes behind Edd says "BLOODY HUGE TRUCK FULL OF BACON".

Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 2

  • Tord's tombstone reads 'Klattu barrata Niktu!' aka 'Army of Darkness' or 'The Day the earth stood still'
  • When Tord is chanting the magic words with the book, he is saying "I'm in your car, Eddward!" reversed
  • The person who picks up the first necronomicon is Ash from the Evil Dead films.
  • One of the zombies that Tord and Edd fight resembles Tom.
  • The necronomicon probably is a reference to the Evil Dead films, appropriate since Zombeh Attack 2 is about zombies.
  • Tord's leg comes back when they have to run away.

Dudette next Door

  • oh hey o3o

Edd Again

  • A poster on a store window near the bus stop says "Easter Arrives Early... In America!"
  • A sign in the store reads "The incredibly annoying new Matt-Doll!" [reference to The New Matt-Doll!]
  • Edd plays on a Pretendo games console, which is a parody of the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • Link appeared in Edd Again, around the time Edd started using his Pretendo. His appearance was short, as soon after, Link was killed by a ReDead.

When the best of the worst collide

  • Edd's shotgun turns into an Uzi when it goes into cheaper budget.

Eddsworld Christmas '04

  • The green present that Tord is shaking in the beginning of the episode is marked "not a DS".
  • Rudolph's nose says 'Red nose Day' on it.
  • Matt appears at the end of the video.
  • At 0:13 you see a guy in hockey mask and a cap saying cameo.
  • Notice at 0:58 theres a sock thats black.