The Dudette Next Door is an eddisode of Eddsworld. It was first released in Newgrounds on September 18, 2005, and YouTube on June 21, 2007.


Edd and his friend Tord are playing a video game and notice their new neighbour, Kim, moving in. The two rush outside, and Edd throws the front door at Tord to stop him. Edd offers to help Kim with her luggage and Tord offers to park the car. Because of his injury, Tord crashes it. The car gets repaired somehow afterwards.

Edd attempts to win Kim by giving her flowers, but Tord beats him to it with a bigger bouquet. Edd decides to give Kim a box of chocolates, but Tord beats him again, and Edd walks away in shame.

The next day, Edd shows off his martial arts moves to Kim while Tord shows off his skill of firearms after watching Edd from his house. The two have a brief fight, but Edd wins by knocking the rifle off of Tord's hand as he pulls the trigger, shooting himself in the knee.

A month later, the two see Kim sunbathing in her garden, and try to impress her by diving into their swimming pool. Edd makes an impressive dive, while Tord's dive gets botched courtesy of Edd. Despite this, Tord endears Kim and Edd looks away in anger.

One evening, Tord gives Kim a pretzel and she kisses him on the forehead in return. An enraged Edd shouts, "You son of a bitch!" and proceeds to attack Tord. As the two are fighting, Kim rolls her eyes in discontent and runs into Katya, whom she kisses. Edd and Tord stop fighting, heartbroken when they realize Kim is a lesbian, but then they decide to watch them through the window. Kim notices them, winks, and closes the curtain..


  • This is the first eddisode where Tord is voiced by himself.
    • This is also the first eddisode where Tord wears his red hoodie.
  • Tom doesn't appear in this flash. In Behind the Scenes, Tom reveals he wasn't in the production because he was kicked out when he became extremely drunk and abusive.
  • At the end of the video after the credits at the bottom right, you can see a Brotherhood of Nod sign from the Command & Conquer videogame series.
  • Tord drew Kim and Katya.
    • During the credits, Tord writes "slut" on his drawing of Kim and Katya.
  • In this eddisode, there is a pool in the backyard, unlike in Space Face, where their backyard lacks a pool.
  • Tord and Edd both animated this eddisode.
  • The video game Edd and Tord play at the beginning is Worms, a turn-based strategy game made by British video game company Team17.
  • This is one of the only Eddisodes where Edd and Tord are the only characters from the main cast.


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