Edd's House on Durdam Lane.

Durdam Lane, or Edd's Road, is the street where Edd's house is located, and is one of the main settings of Eddsworld.[1] There are many other houses on this street, but only Edd's, Eduardo's, and Kim and Katya's houses are revealed. The street is first mentioned in Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders), and again in Fun Dead.


Edd's House

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Edd's House, 27 Durdam Lane, is the main setting for most of the Eddisodes. It is home to Edd, Tom, Matt and (formerly) Tord. The house was formerly drawn to be taller and presumably had two floors but was later changed to a one floor building. In Hammer & Fail (Part 1) an extension was built and became Matt's new room. There is no garage but the right side of the house can fold back like a garage. As of Hammer and Fail, the house is unique, due to the second floor.

Kim and Katya's House

Kim and Katya's House, 29 Durdam Lane, is a house identical to Edd's but their house is gray with a black roof. Their backyard is empty. As of Zombeh Attack II, no-one lives there.

Eduardo's House

Eduardo's House, 25 Durdam Lane is much like Edd and Kim's House but it is painted green with a black roof. They briefly had a cardboard extension built into their house in order to seem better than Edd, Tom and Matt, but it was later knocked over by a demon.



  • The first time the street was mentioned was in "Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)", when Edd phones Insta-Roof via the Mellow Pages for an extension. It's mentioned again in Fun Dead as the news bulletins roll up.
  • In Tord's Adventure, Durdam Lane was simply "Edd's Road". At the time, we weren't fully introduced to the street.
  • When the spaceship in Space Face Part 2 almost crashed, it was seen striking into the United Kingdom. This shows that Durdam Lane is a fictional road in the United Kingdom.


  1. Episode: Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)

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