This ship is lovely!

–Pink Complimentary Alien, Space Face (Part 1)

The Complimentary Aliens are the inhabitants of Vargafar 7. They are known for being the most complimentary aliens in the galaxy.


The Complimentary Aliens are one of the most complimentary species ever seen by Commander Bai and his crew. Being very complimentary, they were mistaked by Commander Bai to be vain. In their one scene they complimented the ship and each other. They seem to not completely neglect themselves as one states 'I am so hungry'.

Visual Appearance

Only two Complimentary Aliens have been seen but they both seem completely different. The one voiced by Jack Howard is triangular, blue, has round feet and mitten-like hands. He also has one eye above the other, similar to a flounder. The other one, voiced by Dean Dobbs is pink with a cotton, cloud-like shape and hands with opposable fingers and feet. Unlike the other alien, he has normal facial features.

Space Face

In Space Face (Part 1), Commander Bai was talking about his quest to find an alien vain enough to power the Vanity Drive. The two Complimentary Aliens were abducted after they were mistook for being vain. Afterwards, they were stuck in small cages and left to compliment each other. It is also implied that they are either underfed or starved. In Part 2, Eduardo's ship says Zogrephos 7, which is where the Zogropharians reside.


  • They have been named the "Zogrephorians" and the "Jack and Dean Aliens" by fans.