The end of the Rubber comic arc.

Comic Arcs are comic arcs that appear in the Eddsworld Comic section. They usally take place in parts with the reader waiting the next week for the next comic to come. The longest comic arc was the "Mystery" arc with 10 pages.

Comic Arcs

  1. Accident - Matt accidentally hits Tom with a car.
  2. Waiteress - After insulting an overweight waitress, Matt leaves a tip for her.
  3. Decoy - Tom tries to avoid Matt's nagging by creating a decoy.
  4. Rubber - Edd erases Matt's face and wants to redraw it.
  5. Show -  Edd shows Matt and Tom a slideshow... literally.
  6. Mystery - Tom and Edd try to find out why Matt's been coming home late.
  7. Junk Sale - Edd and Tom sell Matt's junk.
  8. Eyes - Alien eyes invade the Earth.